Q: What is ‘cardboard paper?
A: You can use 120g/m2 paper. It is similar to the cardboard paper in the core of a milk package from Tetra Pak, which you can buy in any store.

Q: In the directions there is a passage that reads ”re-shape the body if necessary.” Does this mean that the final shape of the body of the product does not need to be cylindrical?
A: Correct. You are welcome to change the shape. Welcome to suggest more than one fold for different shapes. We are in the qualification phase more interested in seeing your ability to come up with a cleaver fold and how you reason around it, than the actual fold.

Q: Can the final body be a rectangle or a triangle or should it remain a tube?
A: All shapes are welcome.

Q: I was just about to forward this to a British friend living in Shanghai. I can’t find any restrictions on the web. Are there any?
A: You are most welcome to forward it to your friend in Shanghai! Anyone from any nationality is welcome to partcipate in the qualification phase.

Q: It further mentions ”use glue to hold the folds together if wanted.” does this mean that it does not need to be a spear or pressure lock fastened end, meaning it can simply be glued closed?
A: Yes, correct. The glue can be the only thing holding it together.

Q: Does the product need to hold or contain anything or does it merely have to cover the bottom?
A: It does not need to contain anything. Yes, the bottom needs to be covered.

Q: Does it have to cover the bottom completely or can there be gaps and slits in the bottom panel.  This is to say should the package fully contain a volume of loose rice or need it only contain an inner bag of rice?
A: The bottom needs to be covered completely, but in this qualification phase you do not need to think about how much it can contain or the weight of the content.  It is not a must, but if you can get the slits to overlap with around  5mm it is an extra plus.

Q: What is a ‘frozen simulation?
A: If you use a virtual simulator to develop the folding, as opposed to a physical folding, we need the frozen simulation to see how it looks like.

Q: You ask that we should send ideas you have never seen before.  It would be most useful to know what ideas you *have* seen, so participants are not spending time re-inventing and then documenting what you know.
A: Buy a 1 litre milk or juice Tetra Brik Aseptic package. The bottom folding is basically what is today, which is very similar to what all package manufacturers do today. The package we will be working with in the project is not rectangular and we need to challenge the established way of folding a bottom. Here’s a Google search that will show you pictures of the existing packages: https://www.google.se/search?q=tetra+brik+aseptic&safe=off&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=mO6pUvDNHY6Shge70oHABg&ved=0CAkQ_AUoAQ&biw=1454&bih=726