The Qualification Phase


  1. Take the cardboard paper.
  2. Fold the paper into a circular tube (with a length of 210 mm). Let the material meet with an overlap of 10-20 mm and seal it with glue.
  3. Fold one end of the tube into a closed bottom, re-shape the body if necessary. Use a scissor to cut slitzses if wanted, but do not cut material away, use glue to hold the folds together if wanted. Do this in as few and simple steps as possible.
  4. Once folded the container should remain folded and be able to stand stable on a flat surface.

Please feel free to create as many different solutions you can think of.

Solution Requirements

Each Solution

  • Needs to be with one open and one closed end
  • Needs to be able to stand stable on a flat surface on the closed end
  • Needs to remain folded after it is completed
  • All material should be used, nothing cut away

Evaluation Criteria

We are looking for

  • Unique and creative approaches – something that we have never seen before
  • Solutions with as few folds and as simple as possible
  • Your personal way to think and approach a task like this

When handing in your solution

Please upload the following no later than January 12 2014.

  1. Describe each solution and the different steps in the process
  2. Picture/frozen simulation/render of the bottom folding
  3. Picture/frozen simulation/render of the container standing on a flat Surface
  4. A short description of what will be important to consider, ie. pro’s and con’s, with this specific solution


The jury consist of experts from Ideon and Implement Consulting Group. Tetra Pak® will not review the proposals in the qualification phase.


We are looking forward to seeing how you can fold it!

Welcome to down load the instructions in PDF: The Qualification Phase

If this sounds like a challenge for you – Join the Qualification!