The challenge

The Challenge

Those who signed up in advance to Can you fold it? will receive the challenge by email no later than December 16, 2013. If you did not sign up in advance you are still welcome to participate until 12 January 2014.

Just submit your suggestion and Contact details to qualify!

timelineFor the Design Phase we will sign an agreement settling secrecy undertakings as well as guaranteeing the selected participants monetary compensation and establishing Tetra Pak’s ownership of the solutions.

For the Qualification Phase the participants receive no monetary compensation and no secrecy undertakings are requested, implying that you as well as Tetra Pak have the full right to spread and use any information, ideas and/or solutions shared during this phase.

However, since your solution already during the Qualification Phase might have a value, we advise you to keep it secret to enable future protection of the solution, for example by patenting. Thus, we recommend you not to spread information regarding your solution to colleagues, friends, family or any other parties.


To register for the challenge – Join the Qualification!

Questions can be put to Mats Dunmar at Ideon Open, Sweden on